The top 10 Jobs & Career Opportunities After B. Pharm. Degree

After completing a B. Pharm. degree, numerous career avenues open up for you!

Opting for higher education programs like M. Pharm. or Ph.D. is one option follow by getting jobs in Pharma related to healthcare including the chemical companies, research institutes, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, universities and colleges amongst others. The global market is extremely fertile for a pharmacy career. India plays a material role in manufacturing various critical, high‐ quality and low‐cost medicines for Indian and global markets. Indian Pharma Sector holds an 85% share in the domestic market and a 15% share in the global market. This constant expansion has led to the emergence of various career prospectus.

We have compiled a list of the top 10 job and career opportunities after B. Pharm degree.

Let’s take a look at them: –

1.       Production and manufacturing 

The Production and manufacturing sector in the Pharma industry includes production of drugs and its forms like tablets, capsules, injectables, creams, ointments, etc. in different dosages. There’s a constantly growing demand for Pharmacy graduates in Production and Manufacturing owing to the rising demand for vaccines and medical treatments.

2.       Quality Control & Quality Assurance 

B. Pharm. graduates can work in Quality Control and get various Government jobs. Their job profile includes, developing, applying, and maintaining quality standards during various processes of production and distribution of drugs. They have to design methods for inspecting and testing the quality of products and document the inspection testing procedures. Many pharmaceutical and medical device production industries hire B. Pharm. graduates for quality inspecting in their daily operations.

3.       Formulation & Process development 

Pharma industry is rapidly progressing with a myriad of drugs being produce and develop each day. With the emergence of new viruses, the requirement to formulate and develop new and more effective drugs, arises. B. Pharm. graduates can get a job in Formulation and Process development. Their job profile includes the identification and development of new and more effective formulas (combination of drugs) to improve the existing drugs. It also includes evolving the process of drug formation and finding new ones. Formulation and Process Development is as important as discovering new drugs. Hence, it can be a great career option after B. Pharm.

4.       Research Associate – Healthcare Domain 

B. Pharm. graduates can also enter the domain of Research and Development along with Formulation and Process Development. The Pharmacy sector is built on innovation and research. The formulation of existing drugs and finding new ones lies in the job profile of Research associates in the healthcare domain. Pharmacy graduates can work as scientists in this field and have a great career expansion scope due to numerous on-going researches taking place in India and abroad.

5.       Sales and Marketing-

Indian Pharmaceutical Industry is expanding exponentially in both the domestic and foreign markets. More than 60% of vaccines supply around the world are manufactured in India. India exports drugs to more than 120 countries. This ever-growing scope of the Pharma sector demands sales and marketing professionals who have in-depth Pharmacy knowledge. Various pharmaceutical companies hire B. Pharm. graduates for Marketing and Sales as Medical Representatives, project managers etc likewise.  The job profile includes marketing pharmaceutical products and medical equipment to various national and multinational industries also.

6.       Community (Retail) Pharmacists 

B. Pharm. graduates can also get a job as a Community or Retail Pharmacists. The job involves dispensing medicines to patients according to the doctor’s prescription also. This job involves direct communication with the patients and hence, being extremely good with people is expected from Retail Pharmacists. Following ethical and legal guidelines is imperative in this job. As a Retail Pharmacist, you will also need to give the patients guidelines and information regarding various medicines, their appropriate dosage, and general health advices.

7.       Drug inspectors

Pharmacy graduates can also get recruit as drug inspectors for monitoring the utility, quality, effectiveness and side effects of pharmaceutical products from its production to its delivery in the market, hospitals and research trials. Their job involves working with medical and drug company representatives, patients, doctors and other healthcare professionals to record the effectiveness of drugs and other treatments likewise. The product data collect by them is meticulously record, analyze and process. This data is use by pharmaceutical companies to improve the safety and performance of various products and reduce their side effects also.

8.       Academics

Your Pharmacy degree can get you a job in the academic field as well! If you wish to pass on the knowledge in Pharmacy to the future batches, you can land a job of a lecturer in pharmacy colleges. Pharmacy graduates, after clearing NET (National Eligibility Test) or SET (State Eligibility Test) are eligible to teach the diploma students in various institutions. However, to teach the degree students one needs to seek higher education like M. Pharm. or Ph.D.

9.       Bio-Technology Industries 

Pharmaceutical biotechnology is an emerging field where the principles of biotechnology and pharmacy are combine for developing new drugs. Many therapeutic drugs these days are a result of bio formulations, such as antibodies, nucleic acid products and vaccines. The formation of these drugs requires professionals who have the knowledge of medicine, drugs, and their effects also. Hence, Pharmacy graduates have a high demand in this field. Due to this field being comparatively new, it has greater career expansion opportunities.

10.    Medical writer 

A Pharmacy graduate can also land up a job in a writing field. If you aren’t interested in research or any other technical job, you can be a medical writer also. The job profile of a medical writer includes combining scientific knowledge and writing skills to deliver complex medical information in clear and comprehensive language also. Researching the topic to be written, finding client requirements, liaising with concerned officials to obtain information, are also some of the responsibilities of a medical writer.

They can focus on diverse topics like medical studies, drug trials, regulatory documents, marketing copies for new medical also products that are released, etc. They are hired by hospitals, academic institutions and national and multinational pharmaceutical companies also.

Numerous other job profiles can also be discovered after B. Pharm. like: –

  • Packaging Department
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Hospital Pharmacists
  • Clinical Pharmacy
  • Clinical Research Organizations
  • Government analysts at state and central drug testing laboratories
  • Health-Care Administration
  • Medical Scripting
  • Drug Therapist
  • Drug Inspector
  • Hospital Drug Coordinator
  •  Law after Degree Pharmacy
  •  Chemical/drug inspector
  • Health Inspector

Average salary: –

Pharmacy jobs have decent salaries and a good increment likewise. The salary of B. Pharm. graduates may differ depending on various factors like the job profile certainly, the place of employment, work experience, institute of education, etc for instance. But on an average the salary of a Pharmacist in India is ₹251,562. p.a.

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