The pharmaceutical industry (pharma) is a major part of our economy and employs thousands of healthcare professional in a variety of job roles. Pharmacy offers a huge scope of growth and employment. It is a broad and evolving profession. There are many career options one can choose from:

1.     Hospice Pharmacist

2.     Medical scientist

3.     Compounding Pharmacist

4.     Community Pharmacist 

5.     Academic Pharmacist

6.     Ambulatory Care Pharmacist

7.     Pharmacy technician

8.     Chemotherapy Pharmacist

9.     Retail Pharmacist

10.    Long-Term Care Pharmacists

11.    Medical writing

12.    Academia 

The recruitment firm’s focuses on hiring accomplished professionals from experienced staff levels through the senior leadership involved with the discovery, development, and commercialization of drugs/therapeutic treatments. The Pharma jobs in India crop out every day, with the increase in number of pharmacy projects in India.

A recruiter in the pharmacy has to learn and understand the drug discovery world to find the most potential candidates. They are exclusively with direct employer clients looking to fill positions in categories that include R&D, clinical research associate, chemist, scientist, biology, oncology, regulatory affairs, bio-statistician, medical writer, laboratory, quality assurance, quality control, sales & marketing, manufacturing, and medical communication.

The number of Pharmacy jobs in all retail settings is projected to drop just under one percent from 2014 to 2024, from about 182,000 to 181,000 jobs. The number of pharmacy jobs in hospitals, outpatient clinics, home healthcare and physicians’ offices is expected to grow 12 percent, from about 83,000 to 93,000 from 2014 to 2024-, says Rx Relief, A website about Pharmaceutical website news and trends.

The job movement for pharmacists appears to be inching up a little for 2017. There are shifting recruitment patterns in India for the pharmacy. Hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities are facing difficulty in hiring good quality candidates. The pharma hiring trends have changed and recruiter is the one who colour the lines between job-seeker and the organisation. They have more options to check the ability and the skills of the candidate.

Pharmacy recruitment also requires a careful consideration. Recruiters can document interviews from websites, online advertising, referral, data’s, contacts, social media recruitment etc. They have to intensively go through the experience, specialization and educational background of the job-seeker.

Recruiters have also started conducting Skype-call interviews to speed-up their recruiting, interviewing and hiring process. Social media is helping recruiter to create a good pool of job applicants. It helps to create massive reach about the new openings and reach the pharmacy job-seekers. Recruiters also post in the Facebook groups and post jobs on the LinkedIn. It also helps them to spread the job-opening like a wildfire. LinkedIn is helping enormously for the process of recruitment in the pharmacy. LinkedIn is considered as the best social media channel to identify potential candidates. If you want to diametrically research upon the job-opportunities about the pharmacy, you can contact the leading recruitment companies of India. They can help you to amplify your career growth in pharmacy.

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