How remote working could benefit the pharmaceutical industry?

There are people who believe that there are lots of benefits of remote working while others feel that working in a disciplined office environment gets the best out of people. The entire community is divided into two parts. Basically, the thoughts or opinions of the worker, depends on the type of environment he or she prefers. Though the number of supporters for ‘working from home’ has been rising lately, a ton of research is conducted which proves that when an employee is allowed to work remotely, not only it improves their efficiency but it also saves the company a significant amount of resources. Another advantage of remote working is that the concerned person can be employed from any corner of the world. Organisations can avail the benefit of a person who is a best fit for the role without facing any geographical boundaries. It still remains that remote working can be made possible only in certain types of industries.

A lot of industries have been making a shift towards the ‘remote working’ trend and the work culture in the pharmaceutical companies is adapting to the same. A lot of organizations believe in providing the appropriate environment to their employees in order to get the maximum benefits from the people that they have hired. Work from home jobs cuts down the commute time for the employees and hence saves them a lot of time as well as stress. Also, it is not necessary that all the employees are their productive best in the 9 to 5 time frame. Some people like to work late in the night while some people prefer working early in the morning and hence in such cases, work from home option is the best possibility. As and when the size of a company increases and more people are hired, the overhead responsibility also increases as well, such as various legal compliances that are needed to be taken care of. In such a situation, it is favorable for both, the employer and employee to opt for remote working for the position where no specific infrastructure is needed to carry on their work. Let us discuss a few positions in a pharmaceutical industry that are quite apt for a work from home culture:

1. Medical Writer: For one to write and concentrate better on the work at hand, it is quite important they have access to a disturbance-free environment. The office workspace often requires peer interaction, attending meetings and other such distractions, which do not provide the environment that a writer might need. 

2. Clinical Data Analyst: This type of technical work does not require the employees to be available at the office. The concerned employee just needs a good Internet connection and they can easily work remotely with the help of cloud computing.

3. Regulatory Affairs Project Manager: In this case as well, the concerned employees need a good Internet connection to carry on their work without any interruption. The manager is required to do a research and submit their reports locally and globally. In some of the cases where the projects are to be submitted globally, remote working is a better option since flexible work timing is required to be adhered to, to compensate for the peculiarities of different time zones. 

With the advantages outweighing the disadvantages of working remotely, recruitment consultancy agencies in India as well are advocating this new work culture. Freelance jobs or work from home jobs are no longer considered to be jobs where people aren’t qualified enough or where the salary payout ratio is less. Check out the opportunities available in the ‘work from home’ category in Ahmedabad for the pharmaceutical industries, here.

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