‘Pharma’ and ‘Pharma Recruitment’ i.e. two heavy words includes lot of opportunities and growth. The pharma industry has growing rapidly in past few years globally, where as in India Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore and Ahmedabad have become the major Pharma hub of today.

There are many factors affecting pharma industry and due to that the pharma recruitment is also growing in Pharma industry.  Matching the best pharma and healthcare talent to the best job is critical task for many recruiters. But for that to understand Pharma Sector and their trends in current scenario is necessary.

The Revenue of Indian Pharma industries is approximately 40,000 cr. and it is expected to grow further to 1, 00,000 cr. by 2020.

The reason that the pharma industry is growing rapidly is because of its excellent and strong R&D activities. India is 3rd largest supplier and world’s proffered destination for pharma clinical investment. India has excellent manpower resource which has high intelligence, determination and hard work qualities, also India have low cost and best quality manpower compared to other courtiers. This will give rise in clinical jobs, research, manufacturing, R&D jobs, sales jobs, marketing jobs and many more. So, there are numerous opportunities available for pharmacy graduates in pharma companies.

Recently Sun Pharma entered Japanese market by acquiring 14 brands from Swiss drug maker Novartis. Cadila pharma is largest privetly held company. GSK has employees of more than 4,500 people.

Mergers and Acquisitions are common in Pharma industry. The acquisition of Indian Pharma companies by global players and their success played vital role. Indian firms are growing by entering the new markets. Ireland is trying to attract Pharma companies to start facilities, so that it will open new path for Indian Pharma companies. Indian firms including Sun Pharma, Cipla, and Lupin take the acquisition path in their quest for international expansion.

Over last 2 decades, 60 small Pharma companies have merged and become 10 big Pharma companies to diminish the competition and to influence the regulation. And there are many small Pharma companies who are coming in the market with different products, so there is continues demand for Pharma talent.

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