Career Advice: Learn about New Age Jobs

New age jobs have skyrocketed around the 1990s. The leading Recruitment Company’s in India are helping to evolve in a career shift. They offer efficient services to their clients for job search and also work with professional who are stuck in a wrong job. Now, let’s discover new age jobs which have popularized in the recruitment sector:

1. Social Media Manager (SMM): The profession which keeps your creative juices flowing, where you will do Digital PR for the clients. The SMM will have to execute his branding, marketing and storytelling skills.

2. Blogger: The numbers of bloggers are increasing every day and they are the one who revolutionises by writing their experiences. Bloggers are hungry to tell their stories. The bloggers are paid by various sources like Affiliate marketing, Brand Mentioning, Google Ad Sense etc.  There are ample type’s blogging verticals like writing for food, reviewing cafes, travelling, Lifestyle, beauty, fashion etc.

3. Graphic Designer: The Graphic Designer should be expert in creating jaw-dropping visual concepts and good understanding about right colour combinations. A Graphic Designer designs logos, ads, other graphics, designing cover pages etc. Graphic designer are in great demand in the advertising agencies, media- agencies, etc

4. Nutritionist: The diet expert who create awareness about eating clean. He crafts diet charts and also advice about the do’s and don’ts about eating according to their shape, size and the level of fitness. 

5. General Counsellor: Many organisations, schools and universities employ in-house counsellors. A General Counsellor should be an expert in his/her judgment skills and offer great solutions to the people in his sessions. A counsellor should be diplomatic and remain updated with current happenings in the industry. 

6. Zumba Instructor: This is a career with massive potential. Zumba is a dance form, which is disguised with other dance forms like Samba, Tango, Belly Dance, Flamenco, etc.  The job as a Zumba Instructor will keep you etched with dance, music and better your body shape every day.

7. Growth-Hacker: The person who understands online business. It is an incredible career for the person who has good knowledge about marketing and consumerism of digital space.

8. Website Designer: A designer works with the layout, colour scheme and maintains good design of the website. A Website Designer also requires having some insights about coding and programming. The web-designer also requires having a creative mind and being tech-savvy.

9. Sound Engineer:  A Sound engineer requires to do the vocational course in mass-media course or sound engineering from the recognised university. He should have good interpersonal skills. This profession has a huge scope of creativity for the person who loves music and wants to experiment with mixing, recording or manipulation. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicted that sound engineering technician jobs would grow by 8% from 2014 to 2024.

10. Chief Listening Officer (CLO): This profession which requires excellent listening and understanding skills. He should be experienced person in a specific business/sector. The CLO will have to pay attention, judge and clarify about a topic being challenged. This profession is all about offering great ideas to people.

11. Data Analyst: Or Big Data Analyst, if you may call it is in great demand. Now that everything is being done online, transactions of any kind are being accounted and recorded, data is flowing. These sets of data needs to be analysed, like never before. There is a great demand in new age companies for good Data Analysts.

If you feel that you need a change in your career to discover something new, then you can register your resume with the recruitment companies. They can help you to fulfil the kaleidoscopic vision you have for starting a new career. Keep the tab on the social media channels, update your LinkedIn profile and you never know you can find the proposal for passion on your screens.

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